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24.08.2012 02:19 - Химера опустошавала всичко и разкъсвала хора и зверове.
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Постингът е бил сред най-популярни в категория в Blog.bg
Относно статиите които са масирани в определени моменти This newsletter has been helping traders make a killing on Chimera Energy Corp.

This newsletter is a paid advertisement and is neither an offer nor recommendation to buy or sell any security. We hold no investment licenses and are thus neither licensed nor qualified to provide investment advice. The content in this report or email is not provided to any individual with a view toward their individual circumstances. Tech24.org is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BlueWave Advisors.

While all information is believed to be reliable, it is not guaranteed by us to be accurate. Individuals should assume that all information contained in our newsletter is not trustworthy unless verified by their own independent research. Also, because events and circumstances frequently do not occur as expected, there will likely be differences between the any predictions and actual results. Always consult a real licensed investment professional before making any investment decision. Be extremely careful, investing in securities carries a high degree of risk; you may likely lose some or all of the investment.

разпространява СКАМ относно нова технология
Статия в Mediapool на Васко Начев "Открит е нехидравличен и по-евтин добив на шистов газ и нефт"Chimera Energy  scam

Chimera Energy Corporation  влиза в Лицензионно споразумение ("Лиценз"), с China Inland Oil Exploration Company of Chencunzhen, China("CIOEC")които лиценз свързан с определени технологии, разработени от CIOEC.
За този лиценз заплащат 5 хиляди долара месечно и не само лицензират технологията,но я патентоват!!!Което само по себе си показва че има някаква врътка около тази компания
Chimera Energy Corporation,която се представлява от Charles E. Grob Jr.
Фирма без физически офис адрес,която хем лицензира и в същото време патентова технология.Нека юристите ни кажат,как се патентова технология която не е твоя??@!!!!
В допълнение, на CIOEC ще се дължи роялти плащане в размер до 20% от нетните приходи, генерирани от тази технология.
Въобще някои вярва ли че The Chinese Communist Party (CCP)ще подари такава технология на САЩ,за 5 хиляди месечно на фирма без реални доходи и печалби!!!!
Дори е възможно тази фирма China Inland Oil Exploration Company of Chencunzhen,да е регистрирана в офшорните зони на Hong Kong или Macau{куха фирма},което означава че и тя е без офис!!!Но имат разработена и работеща технология!!!
Никъде в лицензионите споразумения между двете фирми,не се вижда адрес на China Inland Oil Exploration Company of Chencunzhen,името на CEO-то на фирмата и т.н.

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Pay Per Click Ads Help This Houston Promoter Run 2 Simultaneous Scams - Part 1:Chimera Energy

Unfortunately the facilitator of these stock scams and many others like it is one of our country"s most innovative and respected companies: Google (GOOG) - through their online advertising system AdWords. Without Google, scams like CHMR and NVMN would never find their way to the portfolios of naive investors. Google is the trusted bridge investors cross when searching for keywords that are relevant to their investment goals. Keywords such as: "Safe investments", "Online Trading", and "Fixed Investments". Only on the other side of this bridge are stock promoters who pay more than TD Ameritrade or E*TRADE for the right to place their ads on top of Google"s search results. Inexperienced investors click these ads and eventually a few take the bait purchasing shares directly from promoters for $1, $2, and even $3 a share having no idea that the shares being sold to them were purchased for less than half a penny and that the company underlying these shares has no inherent value.

We sincerely believe that Google executives are completely in the dark and don"t fully comprehend the destruction in wealth being facilitated by these ads. We remind Google to refer to its Prospectus from 2004 where it stated "DON"T BE EVIL"

In Part 1 of this report we will cover CHMR - a Company with one employee and tangible equity of just $4,549 (not even enough to buy a 2003 Ford Focus) that is valued at $120,000,000 with nearly $40,000,000 in free trading float shares being liquidated into unsophisticated retail investors. Part 2 will cover NVMN and more details on the identity of the man from Houston orchestrating these frauds through offshore companies in the Marshall Islands.

!!!!!Full Time Employees-1 - Charles Earl Grob, Jr. AKA Chuck Grob, Age: 31!!!!!

Corporate Offices

Chimera Energy doesn"t have a physical corporate office. Instead they lease a virtual office from ServCorp for $200 a month electing to use their address forwarding and virtual phone number plan. We are puzzled as to why the perpetrators of this scam didn"t elect to choose the $305 a month plan which included access to a conference room. Surely even promoters could make use of a physical conference room.

The Business

The most effective exercise in demonstrating to readers that CHMR is a scam is to review its chronology from inception to now through the perspective of Charles E. Grob Jr. the 31 year old who is the only named employee in the company, as well as through the role of the unnamed Houston promoter that owns the 20,000,000 free trading shares purchased for $.0038.

July 26, 2012 - Licenses a technology from a Chinese company nobody has ever heard of for $5,000 a month in a 4 page contract with no mention of any patent numbers or description of the technology.

The Smoking Gun

The smoking gun was discovered when we traced the IP Address of the server used to host the website for Chimera Energy. Basically all web servers (which are nothing but computers running software to serve web pages) are assigned unique IP addresses on the Internet. If a web server is hosting a website, the IP address of that site will be the same as that of the server. And if multiple domains are hosted on that web server they will all have the same IP address which will again be the same as that of the web server.
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Прочете пълната статия на Seeking Alpha
Seeking Alpha is the premier website for actionable stock market opinion and analysis, and vibrant, intelligent finance discussion.

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Pay Per Click Ads Help This Houston Promoter Run 2 Simultaneous Scams






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Entry into a Material Definitive Agreement, Financial Statements and Exhibits


On July 26, 2012 Chimera Energy Corp. (the "Company" or "Chimera") entered into a License Agreement (the "License") with a non-related entity, China Inland Oil Exploration Company of Chencunzhen, China("CIOEC"), related to certain technologies developed by CIOEC.

Pursuant to the terms of the License, Chimera is granted an exclusive license to develop and commercialize CIOEC"s cutting edge technologies related to Non-Hydraulic Extraction. Chimera will to CIOEC a monthly license fee of $5,000USD for the term of the agreement. In addition, CIOEC will be due a royalty payment equal to 20% of the net proceeds generated from the Non-Hydraulic Extraction technologies.

The License is filed as Exhibit 10.1 hereto and should be referred to in its entirety for comprehensive information relating to the terms and conditions thereof.


Exhibit Number Description

10.01 License Agreement between Chimera Energy Corp. and China Inland Oil Exploration Company dated July 26, 2012


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The sovereign wealth funds of China and Singapore have invested a combined US$1 billion (RM3.13 billion)

Между другото в неговият профил в Face-a,тои няма ни един приятел,партньор или познат от азиатски произход,което не доказва нищо,но е доста странно!!!




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